Sunday, April 25, 2010

two good choices

i keep noticing ads online for weightloss. "i lost 40 pounds in 2 months" "acai berry weightloss miracle" ...
i realize they're ridiculous, and they're just promising what i want to hear.
i don't want to hear that it actually takes a solid year of good choices and hard work to lose 40 pounds. i don't want to hear that i should limit or eliminate some of my favorite foods. i don't want to hear that i need to get off my comfortable backside and get outside if i want to see a change.
i've got lots of excuses.
pcos makes it twice as hard to lose, and twice as easy to gain.
i'm genetically predisposed to look like this, and it's not going to change no matter what i do.
however, i'm tired of looking like the before picture of someone else's story of triumph. i'm tired of excusing myself from doing something that i really, deep down, want to want to do. so my declaration is going public.
i want to make two good choices every day.
i'll try to keep myself accountable on my blog - so bug me if i don't post them! - as a way to stay motivated and be creative.
if you have any fun, crazy, or awesome ideas for healthy choices i can make ... let me know, and i'll guinea-pig them for you.


  1. I just e-mailed you re: this. xoxo

  2. You can go to bed at 10 pm. and give me some tips if you figure out how to do this.

  3. No way do you look like any "before" picture; I think you look great. Good luck, though — I'm sure you'll be more consistent than I am. But I will be a good girl, get off the computer and go for a walk now. (BTW, that isn't really a fun, crazy or awesome idea, but it is healthy.)

  4. hey darling. i think you're beautiful and i have one great idea to help you lose weight... now come to bed and i'll tell you.