Saturday, April 3, 2010

tv-free morning

today i took a break from watching tv.
i've been home sick since tuesday. i haven't been able to do a lot standing (nausea), so i watched a lot of tv & a few movies.
last night i realized it was easter weekend, and spent some time worshiping. i realized how empty my soul was, how i'd started living from one show to the next, without thinking of anything, doing anything, contemplating anything.
so i decided that it didn't matter if i was sick, i was going to have a tv free morning.
i woke up at 7 feeling great. my face keeps getting better, and i'm getting used to the nausea. so i took my antibiotics, and tidied our bedroom. sorting the laundry was the biggest chore (every single facecloth in our house is in the hamper right now).
when i finished that, patrick got home from work. he was ecstatic to see me up & looking almost human, especially because that meant i could make him breakfast while he showered.
i made eggs & toast, then we ate breakfast together.
patrick hung out in his office for a little bit before going to bed. he played me the most beautiful song by jon foreman - in my arms.
three more days until i can kiss him!
then i tucked him in and did some of the dishes. wasn't feeling so hot, so i curled up on the couch with a book - in the arena, by isobel kuhn.
ironically enough ... i was reading about isobel learning from her trials, and started feeling really rotten. so i called my dad and mom, and whined. (obviously, i wasn't getting the point)
they cheered me up.
i made some body scrub.
i finished the dishes.
i prowled around for some good ideas. i haven't been able to go out, so my cupboards are getting thin. i am nicely stocked up on eggs, so i was reading the egg recipes and one caught my attention. no-yolk deviled eggs.
eggs are so eastery. so i made 5. the eggs kept making faces at me on the cutting board.
the finished product was pretty yummy! i didn't totally follow the recipe ... i made it with less potato, and i did include the yolks after all. they just seemed to feel so left out when i put them aside.
and i added some himalayan finishing salt (which sounds more adventurous than it tastes). and i used less mustard. and no pepper.
i don't have a piping bag, so they don't look all swirly and fancy, but they taste yumm-o.
i never would have thought of using potato. but it seriously rocks.
then my amazing momma showed up with two bags of groceries! frozen fruit, mango ice cream, salt & vinegar chips, mini eggs (and here i thought the deviled eggs were my easter!), mini cucumbers, cheese, and milk. it was SO nice to see her. i've been lonely.
i don't think there's anyone more beautiful in the whole world.
i took a picture of her to share with you, but i used the wrong setting. so here's a picture from last fall:
she also brought me the most beautiful piece of spring ... a gorgeous bouquet of tangerine colored daisies.when mom left, i suddenly realized it was time to take another dose of antibiotics. my tv-free morning was over ... and it was awesome.
too good to keep to myself.
i made stuff! i tried something new! i cleaned up!
and the whole time i did all that, i was thinking. well, maybe not the whole time. but for most of the time, i was using my hands and my brain and my heart and talking to God sometimes and making plans sometimes and being grateful sometimes. kind of like i think He intended.

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