Sunday, April 18, 2010

ten reasons to love patrick

1. the snuggles. lots of snuggles, all the time.
2. he's so easygoing. he's never fussy about anything ... for example, he's just as happy to have cheese & crackers for supper as anything else.
3. he's handsome. it's nice waking up to him every morning.
4. the laughs. goofing around and giggling makes my day. even being tickled is fun - within reason!
5. he's dear. he does things to remind me he loves me - like notes on my pillow, and phone calls, and emails, just to say he loves me.
6. he's selfless. he's worked hard for so long while i've been finishing school, waiting for his turn to go back and finish his degree.
7. sleep. he talks in his sleep and says funny things and even once gave me a backrub in his sleep.
8. laundry. he does it.
9. he loves my nieces & nephew. he's proud of things they do and he's always surprised when they want to spend time with him.
10. his family. getting to share them is a pretty big perk of being his wife :).

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