Wednesday, April 21, 2010


this week, instead of teaching, marking, and lesson-planning with the intensity and pressure of a madwoman, i've been ... nothinging. it's been awesome.
we cleaned our apartment. (the back of the toilet is snorting, derisively. okay, we've almost totally cleaned our apartment)
we ate fun food.

we got in bed around midnight and talked until 3am. it was magical. it's been three months at least since we had such a long time to just talk and talk.(my husband is gorgeous!)
i went to my niece's birthday party.
we went for a long walk deep in the night, wearing our matching sweaters from mama c & papa g.
we took goofy pictures with the webcam (as you can see).
we layed around and listened to music.

we flirted on facebook.
i taught esl.
today i had parent-teacher interviews. which were not as scary as the butterflies in my stomach thought they'd be.
we loved and prayed.
we watched glee while we drank a huge and yummy smoothie.
and i updated my resume. which soon has to leave the cosy confines of my computer and make its way to more judgmental locations.
i know that i have to rejoin the world of productive people. but it's been a pretty sweet three days.


  1. you're my favourite. thanks for a fun week :)

  2. You guys are so adorable. I wish you lived closer :)