Sunday, May 22, 2011

social sunday morning

all week i've been suffering from something that doesn't usually bother me - seasonal allergies! ugh.
mostly, it's been limited to early-morning sneezes, itchy eyes, and an itchy throat.
this morning, though, i woke up with such severe sneezes that i couldn't stop.  (sam no longer startles at my sneezes because they've become so frequent.)  i went through an entire double-roll of ultra-soft toilet paper, trying to stem the onslaught.

when i was still sneezing my face off half an hour before we were leaving for church, patrick suggested i stay home.  (smart guy ... i'd've blown everyone away)

the regular-strength claritin i've been taking just wasn't cutting it, so i decided to pack sam into his jollyjumper carrier and take him for a walk to the drugstore.

it's really foggy today (rare here, but so nice!), and mild, so in spite of frequent sneezings, i really enjoyed the walk.  and everyone i ran into just wanted to chat!

it made my heart warm.

first, i ran into an older lady who asked if she could see the baby (his hood was covering his face) and she told me about how her son used to love going for walks.  then there was another man nearby who came over to see sam too, and talked about carrying his kids on his back when he used to do surveying in the woods.  the three of us chatted for a few minutes about how much we love our kids and it was one of the most random and sweet conversations ever.

then, after i got some extra-strength meds, i was leaving shoppers and a middle aged man waved me over. he seemed like the tough-guy type - he definitely works out, and drives a big suv - so i was surprised that he asked "can i see him - her - ?"  i showed him sam, and he curled up his shoulders like he wanted to hug him.  "ohhhh, he's adorable!"  he groaned.  and he told me all about his 8-month old, and we discussed types of slings, and sam just snuggled me, sucking on his soother and being sweet.  finally the man turned to get in his car, and said, "oh, i'm going to cry.  he is too adorable."

i completely didn't expect that.

but i have to say, i agree.  sam is deliciously adorable.

so if you ever come to thunder bay and want to meet nice people, take a baby for a walk on a sunday morning.  it's the most social & friendly time of the week.


  1. he looks so cute!! such a badass little baby ;)
    our Sam is tough.

  2. Awww! What an adorable picture! No wonder the man loved him. I miss him sooooo bad!

  3. awww..I love those talks with complete strangers who just want to marvel in the joy of your baby and talk about days when their own baby was so makes my day..makes me smile!!!!
    A baby melts everyone's heart...and esp your cute Sam!!!
    One day at Winner's Micah was chasing a ball and I lost sight of him..My first reaction was go to the front doors (crazy how you think) I was panically saying "I lost my son" and a man much like the one you described was the first to help me look for him...He came right over and asked what he looked like and where I saw him go..and then he instructed others around him to go to the each corner of the store...I felt so protected that day in The big city of Saint John. Amazing the people your run into.and I to, love it:)

  4. no fair!! I want to snuggle with Sam :)
    I've been trying something new for my (usually unbearable) allergies and I haven't had to take a single Reactine since I started it. We have, however, had an unreasonable amount of rain, so I can't say for certain that it's the only reason. It's probiotics (or acidophilous). Neich said she heard somewhere about a link between allergies and digestive enzymes, so I tried it. So far so good!! And it's cheaper than the reactine I usually take every day!