Tuesday, May 10, 2011

the leak

our bathroom ceiling has had a slow leak for a long time. 
we told out landlord about it, and one day an older man came to check it out, but it didn't happen to be leaking at that moment, so he assured us there was no leak.

at first, a small hole appeared in the ceiling. 
then,  shreds of gyproc began falling down on us. 

it wouldn't even have bothered us too much if it wasn't directly over the toilet.  but it was, and having surprise showers while trying to have an uninterrupted moment was really unpleasant.  especially after straightening my hair.

so patrick cut away all the damp gyproc, leaving a sizable hole in the ceiling.  we put a bowl down to catch the drips, and as it didn't leak often, we weren't too worried about our landlord ignoring our assurances that we do indeed have a leak.

this week, the leak decided it meant business.  instead of an occasional round of drips, it rained constantly.  we emptied the bowl 3 or 4 times a day.  and we told the landlord that it wasn't livable, and yesterday a man came by.

he had repaired the leaky seal in the toilet upstairs.  (ew!)
and, wonder of wonders, our bathroom was dry!

he left his number for me to call & let him know how things went.

two hours later, the deluge began.

okay, i'm exaggerating.  it wasn't a deluge, but three more leaks opened up and peeing became torturous. 
step 1: dry off the toilet.
step 2: pee fast!
step 3: dry off all the drips you've caught on your back and hair.  ugh.

in the night, i woke up to find myself feeling around the base of sam's crib, frantically trying to find the leak.

clearly, this is getting to me.

so we called the fixit man this morning, and he told us he was going to completely replace the toilet upstairs.  we can hear him working away, so here's hoping our leak will soon be a distant memory.

while i was writing this, patrick innocently wandered into the bathroom for a visit.
i heard him groan, and come back out. 

it's like trying to decide if you have to pee in the middle of the night.  if you can wait at all, it's just not worth the hassle.

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  1. good luck on your pee adventure! man, they aren't too quick to help a girl out... i'd like to see them get dripped on! :) hope that his last attempt works. xoxo