Thursday, May 12, 2011

the leak: update

since my last post about the leak, nothing has changed in the leakiness.
but everything has changed in the solution.
i tried making a plastic patch in the ceiling with a hole for the water to drain out.
unfortunately, the hole was too small and the plastic collapsed from the weight of the undrained water. 

i tried hanging something in the ceiling to catch the drips - no go.

then, i was filling the tub for sam and had an inspiration.
here is a picture of our bathroom pre-inspiration, with the leak running all over the toilet and the floor.

and this is the bathroom post-inspiration.  ta-dah!  (there's enough room under the shower curtain to sit without anything bonking your head.  i'm just not that great at drawing perspective.)

(the red thing is a clip that gathers and weighs down the shower curtain).


  1. haha:) cute:) makin' the best out of the not so pleasent! (I have a leak right as you go into the basement.... I just skooch around it:P)

  2. I can't believe the landlord doesn't just fix it already!!

  3. you are so smart! thanks for the coffee date this morning.. and breakfast.. and for sharing sam. let's walk tomorrow.
    - me