Thursday, December 1, 2011


enjoying the sweet rush of success in a job - well, done!

the goal of nanowrimo isn't so much to write a wonderful novel.  it's more about completing one.

and i totally did.

goals for december?

-sleep.  oh blessed sleep!
-show patrick how grateful i am for all he put up with in november.  (on top of suffering through the crankiness of my 4-hour-sleep-self, he took sam for walks so i could write.  one sam-less hour is easily the equivalent of ten sam-hours.)
-contemplate christmas.  (i've always thought of christmas as a fun time to spend with family, to give gifts of love, to eat bursty little oranges.  but this year, i want to soak up the fact that Jesus came down so far, down so small, came so humbly as a baby.)
-love my family. with gifts.  with words.  with time.  with a clean house.  with snuggles.

i know, patrick is woefully absent.  but we're going to take family pics later this month ;)

how about you?  anything you're striving for this month?


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  1. I'm planning on being happier about the winter. It's the yuckiest season for me, and I need to get over that. :o) I like your goals too. :o)