Monday, December 19, 2011


dear sam,

last night you were so irresistibly adorable.

you are always a wonderful baby, but you're not particularly snuggly.  you like to give hugs and kisses, and you love to be tickled, but you don't often just sit still for a cuddle, or cuddle back.  you like to be on the move!

but last night, you woke up when papa and i came to bed.  you held out your arms and when i picked you up you snuggled into me soooo much i almost died.  you wrapped your little arms around me and held tight and nuzzled your face into my neck. 

it was bliss.  i stood by your crib in the chilly dark, just bursting with happiness while you hugged me for a long long time.

then you saw your papa, and smiled like the sunrise, and did the same thing to him.

you are the dearest boy in the world. 

we love you.

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