Wednesday, December 14, 2011


my men keep making me laugh.

i had this awesome conversation with patrick last night:
j (surfing online): ohh, i'd love baking rings!
p (confused): what do they do?
j: let you bake anything in flat circles - little cakes of anything, like potato, or mini-meatloaf, you know.
p: *_* (mind is blown)
p: (thinking for a few minutes) what kind of rings again?
... j: baking.
p: ohhhh. i thought you said bacon.
j: (pauses, realizes p thought she meant rings made of bacon. the kind of rings that go on your finger. one ring to rule them all, one ring to bind them, one ring to give you magical kitchen powers ...)
j: *_* (mind is blown.)
:)  don't you wish your conversations were magical like ours? ;)

and this morning, i found sam dressed like this in his crib.  i guess he's planning to be a '70s rockstar ... or at least dress like one.  foxy chest, samjam!
(this sleeper has what patrick calls "hard snaps" ... aka buttons ... apparently sam doesn't find them so hard!)



  1. Hahaha you guys are cute! A bacon ring WOULD rule us all. Delish.

    All Sam needs is a big ol' gold chain and some chest hair. Soon enough, Sam, soon enough.


  2. OHHHH, those rings sound awesome! (the bacon ones). And I'm pretty sure bacon DOES give magical powers...