Thursday, June 14, 2012


i have so much to do today.
so why am i sitting here, curled up with cold blueberry oatmeal, writing a post?

because it's worth it.
and i can't be THAT selfish.
i must share this delectable recipe.

last night i made pad thai for the first time, following this scrumptious recipe.  (go on, open it up and prowl through.  it seems like a lot of steps but it's not - it just has really clear directions.)

i didn't have all the ingredients, though, and in spite of that, it actually tasted spectacular.

here's what i changed:

i used coconut oil with about a teaspoon of peanut butter, since i didn't have peanut oil.  the subtle taste of coconut - yum!

i stir-fried the egg in sesame oil (the thought of coconut with egg just seemed wrong).

i had 1 leftover chicken breast, so i used that instead of tofu.

i didn't have real garlic, so just used garlic powder.

i used chicken broth instead of vegetable broth.

i was out of lime juice, so i used lemon.

i didn't have peanuts, but i had pecans, so i popped them in the blender and used those.

i didn't have bean sprouts, so i left them out.

i topped the whole thing with a generous amount of chopped fresh cilantro, and added a bit more soy sauce at the end.

and ooh yes, my soy sauce has calamansi in it (it was the only kind i could find without wheat - and i LOVE it!  so much better than straight soy).

the flavour was spectacular, and unlike some pad thai i've had before, this was not dry at all - it was succulent and juicy.  i realize it's probably the pregnancy hormones' fault, but i could have cried from happiness when i ate this.  yum!

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  1. yummo, love pad thai - wish i was there to share it with you! a recipe wouldn't be a recipe without a janelle twist. it's your signature! love you! xo