Monday, June 18, 2012


this summer, i'm being given one of the biggest gifts anyone can give.

my sister is sending me her heart's treasures in july.

how grateful am i?  let me count the ways.  for twenty-one breakfasts with three of God's funnest girls - so grateful.  for sixty-three hugs goodnight - so grateful.  for three blonde heads bowed around our table, grinning at sam while we pray - so grateful.  for six bare feet next to ours on the sun-hot deck - so grateful.  for heaps of marshmallows, toasty and brown, stuck to sweet chins - so grateful.  for countless laughs - at sam, at each other, especially at me - so grateful.  for three generous helpers folding any laundry but patrick's - so grateful.

for my sister's lonely heart, counting the days til her gems come back - so, so grateful.

oh jo, i love your beautiful daughters like my own.  my heart sings every day because they are coming to us.  thank you so much for your willing gift of love.


  1. Beautiful...hope you have a blast!

  2. If Joanne gets lonely, I can lend her Allegra :) Andrea

  3. sweet to read this today, when I'm realizing it's less than 2 weeks till I lose my dear ones. But I am so thankful that you are giving them a Summer Vacation that I cannot. They are beyond excited, and I am so happy that they will have lazy summer days and Sam and some chores (please!) to keep them from becoming entitled. Most of all I'm excited that they will have family - meal times together, cleaning up together, groggy breakfasts together after staying up too late playing games :) xoxo

  4. Sounds like it's going to be fun :)