Monday, June 4, 2012


patrick and i recently watched Red Tails - an excellent movie, btw.

one line really stood out to me.  one man was feeling terrible because he made a bad call, and it ended up costing a soldier his life.  he wanted to step down from leadership, but his commanding officer told him to stay, saying:

'not every decision you make is going to be a good decision.'

i find that incredibly freeing.

i realized (to my chagrin) that i expect myself always to make the right decision.  the best decision.  at all times.  whether it's the best driving route (quickest way from a-b), the best deals at the store, who to marry (okay, i clearly got that one right!), etc.

but it's a lot of pressure to carry around that kind of expectation all the time.  i need to cut myself some slack and just be okay with the idea that i can try my best but it won't always be the best.

and the sad thing is, i expect the same - relentless perfection - from other people too.  especially from christians, because i know we're called to a higher standard.

i expect that christians should always make the right decision - be the most loving and considerate, the most righteous and humble, the most patient and quick to help ... honestly, what kind of people do i think we are?  perfect?  [well someday! but not yet :) ]

i need to remember that for myself, and for my christian family around me.  i've been holding us all to a hypocritical and unrealistic standard. 
the christians i know are the kindest, most generous, and loving people i've ever met.  wherever i go, i am always welcomed by my church family and feel safe and cared for and loved.

but sometimes we say mean things, act in a lazy or selfish way, lose our tempers ... whatever.  not because we're trying to hurt each other.  we just do.

i need to remember that not every decision we make is going to be the best one.  and that is very, very okay.
we're not perfect.
we just worship the One who is.

striving to do my best?  definitely.
being okay with the fact that i'm not perfect?  gonna work on that.  :)


  1. Thank you so much for this post, I feel better already

    Mama C

  2. I needed that. Thanks!