Sunday, June 17, 2012


i'm not feeling writey, but i am feeling bloggy, so this will be listy.

things my dad and husband have taught me about my Father God.

1. he always has time to talk with his kids.  no matter how much dad or patrick have going on, when their kids want to join in, they're joyfully welcomed.

2. he loves to be generous to his children.  the happiest i've ever seen either of them is when they can give to their kids. 

3. it makes his heart glad to hear they love him.  (hey dad? i love you!)

4. he will drive across the country (or universe) to help his children.  in a heartbeat.  this summer, dad is driving up to help us insulate the house.  thank you, dad.

5. he would rather pierce his own heart than have them suffer.  dad gave up hunting when he came home to 2 sobbing little girls who couldn't bear to see a dead bambi in the truck.  thanks dad.

6. he loves us just as we are.  patrick wouldn't change a thing about sam.  he loves his persistence and spunkiness and quirky fears.  dad loves me too, temper and all ;).

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  1. So true!!! When I was reading this I remembered my dad. Even now, he is always there for me, maybe not in person, but he helps me from Chile in every thing he can. And my heavenly Father... there are no words to express every thing he has done for me. I'm so grateful of His love.
    Carol T.