Friday, June 1, 2012


something weird happened to me today.

after meeting up with some friends, i popped by john deere to take patrick the cold meds he'd forgotten in the car.  we had a few minutes to chat and hug in the sunshine, and it was really nice.  the rest of my day feels whirly and my mind races all the time - but when i'm with patrick, it's like we're in a circle of trees that blocks the wind and noise and everything is still and warm.  he's just like that.

anyway, on my way home, i was driving down walsh street and the trees were all green and lush, arching over the road.  it's a really wide street, but somehow they are tall enough and full enough to do that.  it's so beautiful.

and all unbidden came the thought 'oh, i'm so glad i live here!'

and, upon closer examination, i realize - i am.  i am glad i live here.

this afternoon i was at the doctor's office, and the waiting room was full of chatty people.  i ended up talking with some moms who could have stepped right out of rants-from-mommyland.  a friend of mine (who works there) popped out to give me a hug.  and when i went into the inside offices, three of the ladies who work there came to see sam and ask how my pregnancy is going.  it definitely felt more like a social call than a doctor's appointment.

the large loneliness that comes from being a stranger in a new city is rapidly shrinking.  there are few lovelier places from june through october than northern ontario (did i mention that the sun doesn't go down until 10?  and twilight lingers til 11?).  i miss halifax, i miss my ocean, my sisters, my parents.  but there are really good things, and really good people here too.

tonight, some friends are coming over for a costume party and a scavenger hunt.

thunder bay is (finally?) becoming home, and yes, i'm glad i live here.


  1. you so totally rockl :) thanks babe.

  2. Janelle, this is wonderful! There is nothing like feeling accepted and content no matter where you are. We are so happy for you. We miss you but we want you to be happy where God has placed you. Remember the song, "Bloom where you are planted".