Saturday, June 18, 2011

eight fears

8 fears:

1. i fear God.  He is, in narnian terms, not a tame Lion.

2. i fear living a life of bland monotony.  i don't want to just grow up, have kids, and die.  i want my life to do something, mean something.  i don't want to crawl lazily to death and lie down - i want to rush gladly up to it, at the end, and greet it without regret when every inch of my life is filled to the brim.

3. i fear that i am inclined to be bossy - one of the character qualities i dislike most.

4. i fear that i do not stay in touch with my friends when i am not geographically close to them.  :(

5. i fear echo-y, fanless bathrooms where other people can hear me pee.  (maybe fear is too strong a word for it.  but i really really really don't like it.  which is a bummer when you live in a 1 bedroom apartment!)

6. i fear that i am actually a terrible writer, and people only read my stories on figment because i am patrick's wife and they like his stuff.

7. i fear airplanes!  not being in them, but when they fly overhead in groups.  i always suspect we're being invaded.  i am fully aware that this makes absolutely no sense.

8. i fear hope, sometimes.  if i hope too much, my heart will break.

(this is a sad post!  looking forward to tomorrow's!)


  1. Number 6 - so not true! Your stories have their own voice that's very different from Patrick's - they are Janelle stories :D And they're so much fun to read. So never fear that. People will read your stories because they like what YOU write, haha :D

  2. #6 - I reallllllllly love reading what you write. You bring this incredible honesty into your words that I just adore. please don't fear this. :o)