Wednesday, June 15, 2011

happy birthday aunt caitlin!

Dear Auntie Caitlin,
Happy Birthday!

Mama is typing this for me since my hands are in my mouth.  I have some birthday wishes for you.

1. May you always be coordinated enough not to punch yourself in the face.
2. May you never have to sit in a soggy diaper for long.
3. May your blankets be soft and your teddy bears snuggly.
4. May no one ever call you Jim-Bob.

and finally,
5. May your friends love you, even when you uncontrollably vomit on their heads.

I love you sooooooooooo much!  Thanks for all the cuddles, snuggles, and love.
The Sam-Jam.


  1. I love you Sam!!!!!!

  2. ok, i just fell off my seat laughing! i think that picture's going to get an awful lot of mileage, huh?