Thursday, June 16, 2011

ten secrets

aw.  this one is hard for me.  i'm quite confessional already, so i don't have a lot of secrets.  the ones i keep are either Super Top Secret or belong to someone else.

however.  i will see what i can do.

1. my secret to a joyful sunday morning is: i get up early.  give myself lots of time to read & pray, have breakfast, care for sam, and get dressed.  then i'm not rushed, stressed, or distracted, and i am ready with a happy heart to remember Jesus.

2. my secret to a sparkling tub is: borax and lemon juice.  scrub scrub scrub.  prettiest, shiniest clean i've ever been able to produce.

3. my secret dream date: a picnic with sam and patrick under a tree, with an l.m. montgomery book and a bag of old dutch salt & vinegar chips.  *happy sigh*

4. my secret to a baby who sleeps soundly and wakes happily: the book "on becoming babywise: giving your infant the gift of sleep."  sooooo helpful & empowering. 

5. my secret dream job: teaching a cooking class, and writing a book about it.  (probably not so secret after all.)

6. my secret pet peeve: snobby people.  (again, probably not so secret.)  they make me throw up a little.

7. my secret to getting things done: checklists.  i LOVE checklists.  i like drawing the little boxes beside my to-do items, and checking them off.

8. my secret wish: to be liked - loved, even! - by a certain someone who i know just doesn't like me.  but how? 

9. my secret air freshener: a spray-bottle with vinegar&water inside.  a few spritzes, and when the vinegar dissolves, it takes any bad smells with it.

10. my secret time-waster: checking&rechecking on figment to see if anyone has commented on my stories.  :P  i thrive on feed-back!

ah there.  now you know more about me than you ever wanted to :).  i think tomorrow's post will be a bit easier!

are any of you up for the challenge?


  1. know I LOVE checklists too!! I cannot imagine how any 'certain someone' couldn't love you but I know LOTS of special someones who truly love and adore being one of them XOXO