Friday, June 17, 2011

nine loves

1. i 'sure love kisses.'  (sorry, quote from patrick before our engagement.  he was so right.)

2. i love hot, fresh bread.  making it, smelling it, eating it ... :)

3. i love the smell of rain on hot pavement (especially in zambia, but it's nice anywhere).

4. i love waking up to sunshine glowing through my curtains. (they're pale yellow, and they do such happy things to sunlight!)

5. i love my incredibly hilarious and wonderful nieces and nephew to distraction.

6. i love my son, and the mind-boggling miracle from God that brought him into our family.  i love his cute birthmark, his funny laughs, and his incredible determination.

7. i love cuddling into a clean, smoothly-spread set of cool cotton sheets.  mmmmm.

8. i love my amazing parents and the way they never stop learning & growing.  they're so interesting to be around!

9. i love my sisters & brother, who are astonishingly beautiful, smart, and nice.

i think i could go on forever.  :) 

1 comment:

  1. i love my wife :) and my little kid :) they're both crazy.