Monday, June 20, 2011

six places

1. zambia is the one place i want to be right now more than any other. (haha bet you couldn't see that one coming ;)
i miss the wide open sky.  the rain.  the earth.  the adventures.  sakeji.  my adopted sisters :)  the sweet kids. 

2. our rooftop was one of my favourite places to go as a kid.  after my sisters grew up & moved away, i loved going up there to read and think and write.  the side that sloped toward the back had a nice cozy place to lie and dream, without being seen by the neighbours (well ... except the ones with periscopes).  it was all wind and sky and tree-tops. 

3. mr. mckay's classroom is one of the first places i think of when i remember high school.  he was such a great teacher - always had time for us and inspired us and was proud of us.  i want to be like him.

4. maitland is where we got married.  i think it's one of the loveliest places in nova scotia - the sea, apple trees, and big smacking banks of red mud.  mmm.

5. my kitchen - a place where i spend a lot of time.  i love trying new flavours and old recipes.  i love making food for cozy people, listening to audio books, cleaning, or just hanging out there.

6. halifax.  i'm landing there tomorrow and i absolutely cannot wait.  i can't believe i'm going to be able to introduce my son to my family, hug my nieces and nephew, and see my dear, long-lost friends.

ahhhhh.  can someone please tell me how i'm supposed to sleep tonight?

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  1. if you can't sleep.. post pictures!