Saturday, June 4, 2011

i can't write

i can't write!  agh!
i've been trying to start a novel.
just start!
it doesn't even have to be a good novel.
i'm just trying to get one done.

and it's super lame.
alllllll of my attempts are super lame.



i wish i could play the cello.
i would stroll my cello up to hillcrest park and play until my novel began.


  1. you should totally write a novel that starts like that:
    "I wish I could play the cello. I would stroll my cello up to Hillcrest Park and play until ..." well, you couldn't really say 'Until my novel began' because that is the beginning of your novel and it would be a little bit like meta-fiction or something. but you could work something else into that.... like 'Until my car broke down' or 'Until the cops came' or something... i think you should just start and see what happens. i love you, you totally rock and you should write. All the time.

  2. Dear Janelle:
    Welcome to Mommy brain.

  3. For someone who "can't write" you sure fooled me. :) Ah, but I do know this feeling. The wanting, the yearning for anything -- good or bad -- to extract itself from your brain and prove you haven't completely lost your mojo. You, Janelle, have not lost your mojo. I am off to read A&J :)