Monday, July 25, 2011


it's late and i have no brain cells left.
but before i go to bed i just have to tell you that my husband is amazing.
and watching him put sam to bed at night bursts my heart into a million fireworks.

he takes off the spit-uppy clothes sam has been in for far too long.
and the wild rumpus starts.
adorable giggles.
adorable giggles.
adorable giggles.
and when sam is completely worn out from all the laughing, he will just gaze into patrick's eyes with all the craziest love.  i can't even think about that look without tearing up.

and then we put sam into his pyjamas, cuddle him between the two of us and pray, and put him in bed
 ...where he pulls his stuffed animals on top of his face and falls asleep.
(i am not even kidding!  the kid is 4 months old and already he's amping up this family's quirkometer.)


i adore this family.  i'm so freaking grateful i get to be in it.


  1. you're awesome, darling :) i love you.

  2. Sam is lucky to have such awesome parents that love him so mch!!!