Wednesday, July 20, 2011

two songs

two songs. 
i have two songs that i love.  but i can't tell you what they are because i don't know them.  here's the story:

i love african music.  harmony.  rhythm.  repetition.  there's something deep and - moving? no, i can't think of the word.  it's like how the ocean feels, huge and like it's so much more than you can see on the surface.

when patrick & i were married, i walked down the aisle to two songs from a soundtrack my friend kelly made after our time in zambia.  i don't know what the songs were called, who sang them, where she got them ... i just loved them.  i can even sing some of the lyrics, but i don't know what i'm singing.

i lost the cd.

i prowl around youtube every now and then, to see if i can find them.  i can't ... but i've had a lot of fun listening to some great songs.  here are two links for you to enjoy, since the 2 songs i would love to share are lost.

son of africa (soundtrack: league of extraordinary gentlemen,  ladysmith black mambazo and t. jones, 2003).

yakumbuyo (danny - when i was in zambia, rox & tash & i bought zambian music to bring home, and this was the title track on a cd they bought.  i can catch a few words, but i don't know the gist of the lyrics)



  1. the first one is 'storm in africa' by enya, or just 'africa' by enya, not sure which. i think it's just 'africa' but when i look it up i get the three word title.
    anyways, i'm not sure about the second one either :(
    i suppose the 'africa' cover by perpetuum jazzile might do?

  2. i can't even tell you how much i love you right now. thank you for remembering one of our wedding songs!!! <3