Friday, July 15, 2011

four books

i wasn't sure what i wanted to do with this one!  four books i love?  four books i'm currently reading?  four books i want to read? four books that have impacted me most?  four books that i'd love to see made into movies?

all fun.  but i settled on:

four books i use everyday.

there are four books (mmm, maybe five) that i use daily, and they all make my life better/happier/easier/nicer, so i guess they deserve a shout-out or two!

1. my bible.  after i feed sam and settle him into a happy circle of toys, i read a chapter or two.  i've already read it through a few times, but i seem to always be reading something new, and God always points out something for me to remember.  i like starting my day with Him.

2. sam's baby journal.  i keep a list of when & how much he's eaten, and i write down any milestones or especially cute things he's done.  sometimes patrick includes hilarious sketches of us, and those might be my favourite part.  it's mostly just a reference for myself, so i can monitor his eating and growing and things, and make sure he's healthy and thriving.
he is ;).

3. my organizer.  as i've said before, i LOVE checklists.  so i made an organizer with lists of things i do every morning, every evening, and chores that need to be done each day, or through the month.  i put the pages in protectors so i can check them off with a dry-erase marker and then start fresh again the next day.
i realize this solidifies my status as a complete nerd, but it helps me keep the house running smoothly and reasonably clean, without having to scratch my head every day, thinking of what to do next.

4. my recipe binder.  this was a wedding present from dan & kaye kancir in kap, and i LOVE it!  again, it's a binder with page protectors, and the kancirs filled it with a collection of tried&true recipes.  i've also added my own favourites, and recipes that other friends have given me, and refer to it daily.  it's super great.  it's the only recipe book that made it onto our thunder-bay trailer, and i haven't missed my other books at all.

so there are four of the books that i use every day - and i hate being separated from any of them :). 

tell me: what books do you use every day?


  1. hey you're my favourite nerd ;)
    i love you lots and lots :D

  2. Wow, I like how, instead of picking out novels, you chose very unique books instead. I love it! You should scan some of those drawings sometime :D

  3. I have a prayer journal where I write down everything that I pray for, or that I've been asked to pray for. I like to go back every once in a while and see if some prayers have been answered. :o)