Tuesday, July 26, 2011

a small rant

as you can tell in the picture from yesterday's post, samjam has a pretty big hemangioma on his head.  it's also known as a strawberry birthmark, one that will shrink and go away as he gets older.
it's really noticeable, and most people who are curious about it just ask straight up, "what happened to his head?" 
(especially kids!  kids are so cute and they always ask about it, and worry that it hurts him.  i love when kids ask about it.)
sometimes, i notice that people are looking at it, and want to ask, but probably aren't sure how.
usually, i just smile and tell them it's a birthmark, and they're relieved that they didn't have to stumble over awkward words that make it sound like they think he's some sort of freak.

yesterday, however, i ran into someone who was not so concerned about how she asked.  and she made it very clear that she definitely thought he was a freak.

i was walking out of chapters, and a young woman pushed past me.  i pulled the stroller back to let her go ahead, and she glanced down ... then stopped dead and stared at sam with the most disgusted look on her face. 
(i wanted to get by but she was right in front of my stroller, so i couldn't go anywhere.)
she just stared at him like he was some sort of horrendous mistake.
finally, when i realized i wasn't going to get past, i tried the whole smile & explain thing.
me: "it's a birthmark."
she (in disbelief & disgust): "that's the biggest birthmark i've ever seen."
me: "yes, but not to worry, it's supposed to go away before too long."
she (shuddering): "ugh, i should hope so."
me: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i didn't even have words.  i just pushed my stroller at her until she stepped aside.  last i saw, she was still staring after us with her nose wrinkled up.  i could not believe anyone would be so rude and so horrible about my sweet baby! 

he's the nicest little boy in the world, and someone being mean to him brings out all my mamabear.  grrrrrrr!


  1. He is gorgeous and precious with or without his birthmark. His smile makes me smile, and I haven't even met him in person! *hug*

  2. Bryson ( my brothers little guy has) a raspberry too on the top of his head. It was pretty noticeable at first but now that he has hair you can't even tell. Who really cares anyways?!? Some people are so ignorant.

  3. There is a tight ball of rage in the pit of my stomach after reading this; I can only imagine how furious, offended, and hurt you must have been after dealing with this insensitive woman. Allow yourself plenty of time to be very, very, very angry, and then... feel sorry for her. I don't have to meet her to know she is absolutely clueless, has no idea what beauty truly is, and unlikely has not one single person in her life that loves her the way you love Samjam.

    Bless you, Labelle's!

  4. He is perfect! The imperfection is with her. So sad that she doesn't even know how to deal with her own problems. I wonder if she knows anything about unconditional love. Someone needs to tell her about Jesus.

  5. what a stinker! sam should have had a big ol' aimed projectile spit-up at that exact moment, that'd teach her :)

    sam is just the way that God wants him to be... and that we want him to be. kiss and squeeze him for me!

  6. oh dear, that is wretched. Give Sam a big extra hug for me, a big hug for his darling mama, although I realize it is hard to hug oneself, so I hereby delegate the task to Patrick <3 lots of love, Ash