Wednesday, July 13, 2011

five foods

oh blogland, i've missed you! 
i had a wonderful, busy, happy time in halifax, and then a busy week adjusting to being back, re-stocking on groceries, and changing sam's routine a little bit.  not to mention an ecstatic weekend of spending time with my dear dear dear husband. 
but things are settling in, i'm back on the writing wagon, and i'm going to pick up where i left off!

five foods:

1. spaghetti.  it's weird - i don't even make it that often - but spaghetti is my instant response when people ask me my favourite meal.  my mom used to make it for me every year on my birthday (and days in between too, but especially then!).  i don't think there is a sauce in the world that can compare with my mom's spaghetti sauce.  mmmmm good.

2. cheese.  oh yes.  any cheese, almost.  (i'm not a fan of blue cheese, or of cottage cheese, but really almost anything else.)  homemade cheese.  old cheese.  soft cheese.  hard cheese.  cheese on toast, cheese on crackers, cheese alone, cheese with hot sauce, cheese baked into succulent bread sticks - eeep!  i have to stop or i won't be able to write, i'll just be licking out the cheese drawer!

3. bread.  mmmm.  soft bread.  fresh bread.  melting with butter.  i love everything about bread.  the daunting task of starting a recipe (but then how lovely once you begin!).  the smell of yeast dough, rising.  the golden glory of baked bread, shining with butter.  the contentment that comes with eating a still-warm loaf.  of all work, bread is worth the effort.

4. cilantro.  i wish there was a richer, deeper, more multi-layered word for sparkle than sparkle.  because i want to say that cilantro makes my taste-buds sparkle - but it's not a good enough word.  cilantro makes my taste-buds sing.  hmmm.  cilantro makes my taste-buds roll on the floor in ecstasy.  :/   nope, still not right.  but there's something so fresh, so succulent, so unparalleled about the taste of cilantro.

5. dill pickles.  fresh strawberries.  yogurt.  vinegar.  lemon juice.  lime juice.  salt. tomatoes.  salt & vinegar chips.  crushed ice and fruit juice.  slim.  crispy chicken.  smooth soups.  basil.  i am so sorry, i cannot pick just five foods! 

:)  tell me your favourite foods in the comments. 
(and thanks for still reading, after such huge gappiness!)


  1. my favourite food is your cooking.
    you haven't made anything yet that i didn't like... as far as i can remember.
    my favourites, though, are those crazy awesome braids, your pizzas, your soups, your salads. you're just so fantastically yummy. :)

  2. "i don't think there is a sauce in the world that can compare with my mom's spaghetti sauce." I think that same exact sentence every time I have my mom's spaghetti sauce.

    Tiramisu is another of my favourites. And Hot Tamales candy, and ripe mangoes, and fresh peas (but not all together).

  3. mmmm...and I love drinking milk when I eat spaghetti. and pizza. I love every kind of pizza (yes, still, after 5 years), homemade mini pizzas on anything you have in the breadbox, Little Caesars whole wheat onion pizza dipped in hot sauce, deep-dish bread-dough pizza cooked in my cast-iron frying pan, and, and, and...
    Good thing there's a Domino's just around the corner from Sweet Hereafter!

  4. oh joey! i wish i could sit in your kitchen and eat pizza after a hard day's work at Sweet Hereafter! send me updates, you amazing sister!