Sunday, July 17, 2011

three films.

 three films that i can (and do!) watch over & over again are:

1. the scarlet pimpernel (the jane seymour, anthony andrews version)
i LOVE this version!  no, it doesn't follow the book's storyline too closely, but anthony andrews is ridiculously charming and heroic, jane seymour is beautiful and brave, and it's fun to see a young gandalf, i mean ian mckellen, play the antagonist.  
:)  also, after watching, i can't help saying "sink me!" in a ridiculous british accent.  for days.

2. life is beautiful.  this is a weeper.  it's amazing and wonderful and happy - and tragic and horrible and gut-wrenching.  i really can't imagine watching it now that i have a son of my own, because watching it before was killer enough.  but the goodness in it is so good that i love it.

3. sherlock holmes (the robert downey, jr. & jude law version).  this movie is such a fast-paced brain rush.  i love the peeks into holmes' brain, the rapport between holmes & watson, and the stellar unraveling of mysterious events.  it is fun and intense and awesome.  i cannot wait for #2 in december!

happy watching :).

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  1. I haven't seen any of these movies... I guess I need to add them to my "must-watch" list! I do remember you saying "sink me" quite clearly, though :) xox