Monday, September 12, 2011

happy monday

i've got some fun plans on tap today!

a friend is coming to take sam on a date this afternoon, and i'm going to take full advantage of the unexpected freedom!  i hope to:

  • take out the garbage (appreciate the small things, folks!)
  • make zucchini gingerbread (gotta get my veggies in)
  • make a batch of spaghetti sauce
  • make some quesadillas to send home with my friend :)
  • vacuum (since we have a small apartment, this is surprisingly difficult to get done when sam is home and patrick isn't here to cuddle him!  if sam's awake, he's usually on the carpet ... if he's asleep, he's not on the carpet, but i don't want to interrupt him with the vacuum.  so a samless afternoon means a clean carpet for me!)
and i just might squeeze in a little workout.  but in typical janelle fashion, it's lower on the priority list than the food ;).

happy ears: i'm listening to this today :) woot!

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