Thursday, September 29, 2011

sour apples


everyone is blogging and facebooking about their awesome fall activities.  i keep trying to ignore it but it is everywhere.

when i realized i'm actually not opening up my friends' blogs because they have something autumnal in the title, i had to take a minute to assess what was going on with me.

fall has always been my favourite season.  i love the vivid reds and oranges of the leaves with an adoration bordering on the psychotic.  i adore making warm soups (pumpkin!  butternut squash!) and soft breads, fragrant pies and carmel sauce.  i love the smell of woodsmoke and the sight of pretty scarves and warm sweaters.  i love autumn.  

 (see?  i really love autumn.)

so why the sour apples?  what's up with me this year?

i think i'm homesick. :S  i miss the blue sky and sea of nova scotia in october.  i miss popping out to see my sister selling cupcakes at the farmers' market.  i miss my nephew & nieces' excitement about their hallowe'en costumes.  (i even miss my dad making sure we all have something with hunter's orange on us in case we go too close to the woods.)  i miss the long, lovely autumn of the east coast. 

p, in my beautiful nova scotia, nov. 2009

i need someone to kick me in the pants and help me see all of the awesome fall things here in thunder bay, before the snow sets in and i die.  seriously. 

maybe i'll throw an autumn party.


  1. LOL, I don't know if I can kick you in the pants, but I can say that at least you do have fall where you live. I was just talking to one of my office mates about it yesterday - how we literally don't have fall here. It's almost October and we're sweating and swimming through humidity. So, for the sake of those of us who'll never have fall, go bake some awesome food and enjoy it :D

  2. Aw, Janelle, for weeks I've been in major denial about fall coming. I love summer, and hate short, dark days. Lately I've been all, "Why is it dark at 8:00? This is so weird!" and just refusing to even look at the calendar.

    We don't get a very awesome fall here, either, which is maybe why I have so little use for it. Sometimes it just starts raining and doesn't stop till next July. But yesterday was the most beautiful sunny day, with that cool fall crispness, and a special kind of sunshine that I had to keep stopping to look at. It was so different than summer sunshine. And now I've decided to just be happy it's fall.

    I love this post. I get homesick for where I used to live, in the country, so I totally get it. I think caramel sauce would help, though! Could you share your recipe?