Tuesday, September 27, 2011

my miracle sam

more things i love about being a mom ...

no matter where he is, sam will search for me with his big brown eyes, and then light up when he sees me.

yesterday he was playing on the floor while i was having some quiet time, and i looked up and saw him staring at me.  i smiled, and suddenly he burst into the biggest snorty laugh, with his two little teeth chopping away at his gums.  ahh.  i died.

i love discovering new things about sam - his personality, his likes & dislikes, etc.

sam loves music.  i have one particular ringtone on my phone that he adores, and sometimes when he's fussy i play it to calm him down.  last night, patrick and i sang to him as we were getting him ready for bed - just a goofy, made-up song - and he snorty-laughed at it the whole time.  then he grabbed patrick's face and gave him a big goobery kiss.

he lights up when he sees patrick.  usually he's sleeping when patrick leaves for work, but sometimes he wakes up early, and then is overjoyed to see papa still home :D. 

he loves kids.  at church on sunday, most of the kids sit behind us.  i let sam stand up on the chair beside me, holding on to the back of it, and he just laughs and grins so hard.  he loves kids.

he loves being outside.  this morning i popped him into a hoodie to take our garbage to the shed across the parking lot.  he was just captivated by the birds, the twittery grey dawn, and the light streaking across the sky.

i love watching him discover the world.

he's going to be an early crawler/walker.  he just has to be on the move.  he gets up on his hands and knees (or hands and feet) and tries SO hard.  sometimes he moves forward a tiny bit, but mostly he moves backwards.  whatever happens, he does not give up.  he tires himself out trying to get going.

he's so amazing.  a true gift from God.

samjam, i love you!

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