Tuesday, September 13, 2011

just rambling

it's a chilly 11*C here this morning, which i'm not going to complain about, because (weirdly) sam sleeps longer when the temperature dips. 
it's been almost 2 hours since he plunged into a nap, and he hasn't surfaced yet.

bored? look up cushing's syndrome, a little beauty of an endocrine disorder with a magical element called a Buffalo Hump.  i'm completely not kidding.  what kind of cruel medico came up with that?

i made gingerbread zucchini muffins yesterday - yum!  it's nice to sneak vegetables into our diet, because i'm not such a huge fan and if they're well hidden, i enjoy the nutritional benefits without the tasting-them unbenefits.  um, drawbacks.

sweet hereafter is opening in halifax this week.  so wish i was there.  if you're in the city, pop over this weekend and eat a slice of cheesecake for me :).

going to walk to the post office today!  one of my fave bloggers (danielle over at my small tornado) sent sam an awesome present :D.  looking forward to his reaction.

ah.  my small gem is awake.  over & out.  happy tuesday, y'all.


  1. mmm, send the recipe on over! sounds delish, and i've got a giant zuke in the fridge at home.

  2. Cruel medico! Hahaha. Wow, sounds like you've got a lot going on with Sam napping :)