Saturday, September 17, 2011


it was -3*C when i woke up yesterday morning.  yup.  minus.

there is a lot about tbay that i love.  it is beautiful, in a wild, big way.  it has really unpretentious people who are easy to love.  we met some of our dearest friends here, and this is where God gave us our incredible son.  i wouldn't trade in our past year for the world.

the weather, though (especially in winter), kills me.  i know: you probably want to say "suck it up, princess, it's canada!"  - but canada is a big hunk of land and i am from a much warmer part of it!

to put it in perspective, let me use ratios.  tbay's winter is twice as cold (-30 avg temp here, instead of -15), and almost twice as long (close to 8 months here, instead of 4 and a half).  for someone who has always hated winter, that adds up to a whole lot of adjusting.  so before you start rolling your eyes at my complaint, let me help you think of it like this.

if you were from tbay, and you made the same kind of move i did, you would be living in a place where the average winter temperature is -60, and it lasts for 15 months of the year.  oh yes.  always.  (and that's how long 8 months of winter feels to me ... eternal.)

so ... i'm not complaining because i think thunder bay sucks, or because i hate it here.  i really and truly don't.  if God wants us to stay here forever, i will not fight Him about it.  in fact, i might tell Him i think it's a pretty nice idea.  but it might take me a couple of years to adjust to the cold.

minus 3 in september. 



  1. I have three words for you: Chocolate Flavored Tea.:)

  2. I feel for you, Janelle dear. I am not a winter-lover either. I realized just the other day that here, in mild southern Nova Scotia, the trees are bare for most of the year (7 months). But we sure can appreciate spring when it comes!

  3. and I miss Northern Ontario...... I love winter, I love getting to dress up all cozy and play in the snow. I love the crisp air when you walk outside and can see your breath. I love how when it is cold, there isn't a 50 km/hr or more wind that accompanies it, usually it is just a very still cold... I love breathing the cold and feeling everything inside your nose stick together... Funny what you grow up in makes you love it. *Melissa*