Saturday, September 3, 2011

small town breakfast

we decided to take advantage of our long weekend before patrick starts his new job.  because of his parents' kindness and the use of their car, we were able to make the seven-hour trip to kap for a visit. 

they knew we were coming - but we let them think we were coming on friday.  instead, we showed up on thursday, just in time for patrick's cousin's baptism (yay!) and spent an awesome day with them yesterday, playing games and hanging out.

this morning, we met up with patrick's aunts & uncles at a little breakfast diner.  it's turning into a tradition - i think this is the fourth breakfast in as many visits.

there's something magic and happy about going out for breakfast in a small town.  first off, everyone knows everyone, and people stop by to say hello and coo at the baby (who was missing his nap and subsequently kinda cranky ... but that's another post).  then, there's the overworked waitress who apparently never has a day off, as she has been our waitress for every. single. breakfast.      ever.

there's a comfortable atmosphere of being at home - moving chairs and tables around to accommodate everyone - patrick's awesome aunt brings her favourite real maple syrup from home (and shares it! - because, after all, what are pancakes without real maple syrup?) - and passing the baby around the table so everyone can get their glasses tugged off and their cheeks drooled on a hug.

random strangers people you see all around town stop to chat, or to discuss the crazy stuff on the news, or to kiss your baby and hold him until you start wondering if you have enough wipes to ungermify him and make him smile.  and after a while you realize that everyone has eaten (yummiest omelets in the world, by the way!), finished their coffee, and one of the family members has sneaked to the cash to pay.  for everyone.  because they love us.

and then it's time to say goodbye, which involves standing in the road and hugging a few times, taking pictures, and making plans to do this again.  this is also a good time to wave down passersby and chat, pass the baby around for more kisses, and pray he doesn't have a meltdown.

and then it's over.
doesn't it sound nice?  it's a happy, loving, yummy way to spend a saturday morning.  patrick comes from such a kind family, in one of the nicest small towns ever.

if you ever visit kap, pop in to tyler's for breakfast.  (it's either that or tim hortons.  and you can get tim's anywhere.)

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  1. It does sound nice! Wonderful, even. I don't often go out for breakfast, unless you count picking up donuts after having a blood test (which, when you think about it, doesn't count, haha).

    I like how you described the busy happiness of this get-together. I was totally grinning at all of your crossed out phrases, haha.