Tuesday, May 22, 2012

moon talk me?

do you ever wonder what God is like?  

she asked me that question this weekend and it set a star bursting in my heart.  i didn't have time to answer - the conversation current hurried on - but my answer is yes and yes!

i always wonder what God is like.

that's what keeps me reading and keeps me noticing and keeps me praying and hoping and living.  it's the best part of anything, the smallest delight and the achingest joy: getting little glimpses - or big ones - of what God is like.

she seemed to think it was an unanswerable question, that we can wonder but never know what God is like.

but i know (o delicious reality!) we can.

not all at once, in big huge bites - not here - not now, while our hearts are small and new and just beginning to think about being able to hold the delight and mouthfuls of joy that is God -

but tastes and hints and previews of Him are everywhere for the having.

it is, i know, a ridiculous claim to make.

one evening, when my little niece was 2, she was fussing and crying in the dark living room.  papa was at work, and mama was giving the other kids a bath.  she was lonely and refused to be cheered up.

so i hid behind the curtains and talked to her in a silly voice.

"lolo," i said, "i am the mooooooon!  what's wroooong?  why are you cryyyyying?  i want to be your friend!"

she stopped crying, and looked out at the moon with wonder in her eyes.

"moon?" she asked, "moon talk me?"

i feel like my claim must be as outrageous.  God reveals himself to us?

and yet ... He does.

when i read His word - i mean, really read it with an open heart, not just looking for whatever i expect to see there - He shows up.  when i hold sam and know that nothing could alter my love for him, i see a little bit of His heart.  when patrick goes to work tirelessly, day after day, just out of love for us, i see a little bit of God's blessed faithfulness.

the whole gorgeous universe is pregnant with the weight of His glory.

moon talk me.  yes.  it does.


  1. I love reading your posts!
    Keep it up!

  2. Haha...I remember that! And I love your posts too! Thank you for the glimpses you share. xoxo