Friday, May 11, 2012

more mystery gifts!

last night, i was making supper and sam and patrick were playing with toy cars in the living room.  the patio doors were open, and a warm breeze was blowing in.  sam & i spent most of the day outside in the sunshine, eating watermelon and throwing a ball around.

i dashed upstairs while the chicken was sizzling away to make a quick visit to the washroom (*sigh* like the other million times in the day), and when i came down 2 minutes later, there was a little tykes car peering in the screen door.

i thought maybe it was a surprise from patrick, but when i asked him about it, he looked puzzled.  he & sam came into the kitchen, and we all stood staring at the car in happy confusion.

i ran into the backyard, and patrick popped out to the front, to see if we could thank our generous friend ... but we found no-one. 

sam played on it all evening.  he cried and cried when he had to go to bed, and this morning it was the first thing he wanted to see.  he likes riding in it, pushing it around, and putting his toys inside.  he's definitely in love :)

dear thoughtful friend, thank you for your sweet gift! 

sam can't tear himself away :)

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