Wednesday, September 26, 2012


you know how some mornings you wake up and it's like God is determined to give you a hug?

last night i was feeling sickish.  cold and fevery at the same time - you know, just that yucky feeling that often accompanies the onset of the flu.  i spent most of the evening curled up under a comforter on the couch in my brother's old hoodie, snuggling my feet into the warmest socks i own and surfing pregnancy blogs.

i finally felt warm at bedtime, and crawled into bed for a blissful sleep.  it's getting increasingly difficult to find a comfy position, thanks to this watermelon huge baby who is displacing all my organs and shoving herself simultaneously into my lungs and bladder.

i digress.

patrick's shoulder is a pretty great pillow, and he shares it freely.  so i was able to fall asleep and had a good night.  yay!

i woke up early with patrick and made his lunch, then snuggled back into bed to catch some more zzzs until sam should wake ... and sam slept in til 930!  it felt like the biggest gift in the world - so much sleep, and so much comfortable sleep at this stage in the game is a miracle.

coming downstairs, i found the mail in the hall - and there was a beautiful note from a dear friend.  it made my heart glow.

so, happy and rested, i fed sam his breakfast and then received a text from a friend who was wondering if she could watch sam on friday so patrick & i could have a date!  2 date nights in as many weeks?  yes please!

and then, just when my belly was full and happy with my own breakfast, the doorbell rang.  more good things?  or someone creepy?  i should have known ...

it was the postman, with a box of tea and love from patrick's cousin danielle (who, may i mention, has a hilarious 3 year old and a new baby and still took the time to write a tear-jerker of a letter and send me some incredible tea).

i think God is trying to give me a hug today.  i'll take it :D.


  1. You deserve it. God is so exciting!!

  2. Awww, how sweet Janelle! Maybe feeling fluish is a sign of impending labour? Let's hope so! Andrea xo