Monday, September 10, 2012


i want to blog about our student, but not infringe on his privacy.  so i'm going to call him sheldon.  he's a shy guy, and when i googled names of shy people, sheldon came up in the top 25.  (another contender? norbert!  almost picked that one haha.)


things are still new and awkward and we're getting to know each other slowly.  if you know me, i'm sure you can imagine me standing like an eager puppy with my tongue hanging out, wagging my whole self and wanting to jump all over him with a million questions.  um, metaphorically.

but he's shy.  and i don't want to freak him out - just befriend him.  patrick's better at that kind of friendliness than i am, and i'm trying to learn from him - i'm so glad to be married to a chill kind of guy!

sheldon is super quiet.  he doesn't say anything unless it's in response to a question, and he likes to be independent.  he's tall and skinny, sporty, and polite.  he always thanks me for every meal, and twice has even said "it was good" - which i take as a big step, because he's not one to volunteer conversation.  :)

and the cutest thing happened on saturday.  we sat down for lunch, our first meal together, and before we ate we paused to thank God for the food.  i took sam's hand, and he reached out his other hand to sheldon.  sheldon looked at me, and i said 'he wants to hold your hand while we pray.  go ahead if you want to.'  and he did!  and sam was so pleased.

and at lunchtime on sunday, sheldon reached out and held sam's hand - and then put out his hand to hold patrick's! 

my heart glowed.  that little action just meant so much. 


small steps, sheldon.  we'll get there.


  1. i just read this out loud to daniel. that's adorable. xo

  2. Aw - I love it!!!

    Funny. When I hear "Sheldon" - all I can picture is The Big Bang Theory's Sheldon ;) Obviously not similar!

  3. Awww, you guys are so sweet to everyone! I hope the year goes well for your whole family! Andrea

  4. Kids have a way of bridging the gap seamlessly, don't they?? Praying for you guys and Sheldon :)