Monday, September 17, 2012


feeling so loved this weekend!  in a million little ways, and in some big ways, friends and family have been showing me they love me.  want to take a minute to be grateful.

-last friday, some friends joined me for lunch and a sunday-school-planning-session.  it was happy and productive and when they left, my kitchen was clean and three gorgeous gerbera daisies graced my countertop.  loved.

-friday night, patrick's mom pulled up, walking in with gift bags and homemade pie.  she had driven more than 600kms to watch sam for us on saturday so that we could paint the kids' room in one day without him being underfoot.  so, after a huge drive on friday, she took the entire saturday and ran around after the busiest little monkey known to man.  brought home presents for our kitchen, our bathroom.  then she cleaned the house while patrick and i went out.  loved.

-saturday.  painted the nursery with the nicest man on the planet who did all the cutting so i could just roll.  listened to the radio, to sermons online, to music.  even stole a few kisses now and then.  loved.

-saturday, afternoon.  community unity picnic - free hotdogs & fruit, and balloons and sippy cup for samjam.  loved.

-saturday, supper.  dinner club with happy, kind, laughing, dear friends - and the meal?  oh drool.  chicken cordon bleu, garlic potatoes, creamy caesar salad, steamed veggies, and ice cream coffee cake.  none of which i had to make.  served up with warmth and hospitality.  loved?  so loved.

- saturday, night.  last bible study in an 11-week session with a dozen of the nicest ladies on earth.  they brought treats, hugs, and honesty.  and again, left my kitchen gleaming.  loved.

-sunday.  came home from church with our backseat filled with gifts from friends - things we just thought you might need ... just thought you could use.  loved.

-sunday, afternoon.  patrick did laundry and grabbed groceries i'd forgotten to get.  loved.

-sunday, night.  patrick's cousin joined us for supper and made our home happier with her presence.  loved.

-monday, early.  mama c stayed an extra hour to watch sam so i could go to my midwife appointment. tucked him in for a nap and folded laundry.  loved!

turned out, i had the time wrong and needed a sitter for the afternoon.  (usually i take sam, but he had a fever and i didn't want to infect other new mamas and teeny babies.)  so:

-monday, afternoon.  chrissy's day off.  she came over and watched sam for me so i could make it to my appointment. loved.

-monday, afternoon.  nana called, just to tell me how things are, that she loved me, is praying for me, and to ask about the baby.  loved.

loved, loved, loved. 
i feel like a brand-new baby, wrapped up and swaddled in it.  



  1. hey Janelle can I use some of your examples and expressions of 'love' for next week's sunday school class - they're perfect! BTW - you rock and I love you! lol

    1. of course you can! thank you - and thank you for all the ways you show me love! :)

  2. The fact that you appreciate the love makes it that much more thrilling to give it. xoxoxoxo