Wednesday, September 12, 2012

one month!

today is exactly one month until vava's due date!

the first part of my third trimester was so tiring.  maybe it was a little bit of the post-july letdown - saying goodbye to my nieces, sister, & dad was really hard.  i just wanted to sit on the couch and keep this big belly out of my way.  whatever it was, i was sucked into a vacuum of boredom and choredom that left me feeling lazy and tired at the same time.

the past 2 weeks, though, have been full and good.  i'm feeling energetic and excited and while i still find myself needing a nap and a second coffee to get to the end of the day, i'm enjoying my days a lot more.  and, i'm sure, so is sam!

today we had a dancing breakfast and walked to the mall and had friends over in the afternoon and even cleaned up and prepared supper.  i feel like playing outside, and the idea of going to the park doesn't feel like the world's biggest sludge-fest - instead, it's a nice way to enjoy the happy autumn weather :).

maybe i'm just getting ridiculously excited to meet miss vava.  she's been entertaining us all with her huge belly-shifting kicks - i love to lie on the couch and balance a cup or bowl on my belly, and watch her make it dance.  and every day takes us one day closer to her arrival.

my sweet neighbour thinks that vava won't make it to october.  she thinks she could come as early as next monday, but might hang on for another week after that.  i've got to say, i wouldn't complain if she came early!


  1. Yay! Thanks for sharing your awesome family-ness with us! We can't wait either!