Thursday, September 27, 2012

sheldon part 2

the first week with sheldon was a little rough - he ignored his curfew (set by the boarding program, not us), and we had a few unpleasant moments.  after the first week, i found myself knocking at God's door, asking Him what was up.

He kindly reminded me that His plan was still His plan, and my job was still to obey Him.

and that really made all the difference, you know?  it took away any thought of giving up.  it took away any worries that i can't do this (i know i can't!  but God can.).  it took away the temptation to do a half-hearted job.  because we're not providing a boarding home for Sheldon.  we're obeying God.  and we will persist in that - keep on and be faithful, regardless, like the sons of zadok.

since that first rough week, things have gotten a lot better.  patrick sat down and had a little talk with him - a nice talk, a gentle one, but he made it clear that we care for sheldon and are responsible for his safety, and need his cooperation in obeying curfew and communicating with us.  after that, sheldon never missed curfew.

and then there was a little incident that i just know God engineered.
sheldon has hockey practice wednesday nights.  at suppertime, he came in the door to eat and then remembered he had left his stick at school.  so patrick hopped up from the table and drove him to school.  his hockey stick was gone.  stolen.

so patrick took him to the store and bought him a new stick.  and after that, he started to open up.  he thanked patrick, and talked with him in the car.  he chatted with me on the way to hockey practice, telling me about his favorite sports and what he'd like to do in the future.  he asked about sam's heritage.

then, last weekend, he brought his girlfriend over and they hung out in our living room.  (she's sweet!)  it's not huge steps, but little by little i know he's getting more comfortable with us.  and that makes me so glad!

his mom was in town for the past few days, and he spent them with her.  he's back with us this evening, and i'm so glad to see him.  honestly, i enjoyed the just-us-ness (and it was nice to laze around in my pjs half the morning instead of getting dressed), but i was surprised to find myself missing him and wondering how he was doing.

welcome home, sheldon :).

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  1. Sweet Janelle, thank you so much for blogging and for making a home for Sheldon and for obeying God. You and Patrick truly rock this life! Love you both so much xox

    Mama C