Monday, December 2, 2013

391 to 400

391. Sam climbing up, wrapping his arms around me, and sighing 'nice warm.'
392. Homemade hot&sour soup.
393. Sam asking me to make him snowballs, then pelting me with them.
394. My kids going outside to "play in the snow" ... a.k.a. eat all the snow.
395. The way the windy squally storm turned to calm in my neighbourhood.
396. Two ladies asking about my book at the gym. (The Book Thief. Yes, it's crazy great.)
397. My good husband who stays in with the kids when I want to go out.
398. Vava completely mastering all the climbing she can find. Patrick's daughter much? :).
399. Insulation in our attic ♥ winter nights were never so warm & cozy!
400. The Scriptures, their light, their hope, their peace.

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