Thursday, December 26, 2013

631 to 640

631. Waiting - an oasis of solitude and sunshine in the middle of the day.
632. Peppermint mocha.
633. The story of Esther, God's work through her - and in her.
634. Sam making up conversations between his trains.
635. Vava in a striped shirt, adorable elf.
636. Love that puts on its boots and puts the garbage at the curb. ♥
637. Sam's sleepy joke when I tucked him in. "Cold, cold." 'Oh darling, are you cold?' "No (smile); nice warm."
638. Friendly cashier at the pumps.
639. Vava playing Papa-goes-to-work, smothering me in kisses and waving goodbye.
640. Patrick making me laugh with notes on the mirror.

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