Tuesday, December 31, 2013

681 to 690

681. Vava picking up the crayons Sam spilled and putting them away.
682. Sam banging on the window and calling "come back" when his grandparents left.
683. Sam & Vava, sitting on separate couches, watching George. Sam gets down and asks "can I sit by you, Va?" Then he climbs up and snuggles under her blanket and asks me for toast. Ahh♥.
684. Laughter. Vava trying to climb up my legs ... me: "don't pull my pants down!" Vava: "why not?"
685. Sam in the dark, captivated by stars and more stars.
686. Friends and chocolate and chips and bananagrams.
687. Hugs and well-wishes.
688. Sam waking, scared by the fireworks; "stay, Ma?"
689. Rejoicing in hope!
690. Resting with peace.

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