Monday, December 23, 2013

601 to 610

601. Sam greeting me with an enigmatic and adorable "moooooose gone" two mornings in a row.
602. Vava trying to show me she needed the toilet by picking up the potty seat.
603. Sam vacuuming up the sensory tray he spilled, using the wand to get every grain of rice.
604. Finishing my short story.
605. Our neighbours and their gifts and treats.
606. Presents under the tree.
607. Little neighbour asking, suspiciously, "were you guys trick-or-treating?" when she saw us coming home carrying presents.
608. Remembering it's better to give and receive love than be self-sufficient.
609. The gaps in my abilities ... handholds of blessing.
610.  Our stove working again, just in time for Christmas.

1 comment:

  1. Oh! I am so happy that you got your stove fixed in time for Christmas!! My heart goes out to those poor people with no power. That is so sad!
    Have a merry Christmas! Sure wish we could drop in.