Thursday, December 26, 2013

621 to 630

631. The kids adoring Uncle Louis long before breakfast.
632. Sam's breathless "oh wow!" when he saw his new trains and tracks.
633. Precious Vava wearing her new hat all morning ... with the mittens still attached.
634. Sam asking to go to bed during the scary part of the morning (when Patrick blew up his inflatable car).
635. Lunch with (and from) loved ones.
636. Aunt Priscilla hiding under the bed to grab Sam's toes; he squawks "no fair!"
637. Owls and stars on my tree!
638. Vava carrying around the grunty toy pig, squeezing and slapping it with glee.
639. Uncle Louis wearing my pink slippers all day.
640. Having a wonderful Christmas full of family and happiness, laughs and treats, a full table and full hearts.

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