Friday, July 20, 2012

visit log, 2 more days.

i'm sitting out on the deck, writing this with laurie.  ashlin and marcella are camping with our friends tonight, but we homebodies are going to tell you about the past few days.

actually, laurie is.  this is what she has to say.

wednesday july 18

we woke up, got dressed, and went to that novelty store and bought gifts for people.  then we went to tims and got a little treat. 
we were tickling sam and playing peekaboo and he would laugh his head off.  ashlin recorded a video of it at tims, and it's really funny.

then we went to liquidation world.  ashlin got a shirt and marcella got a sweater, and i got gummy cherries, janelle got a bunch of stuff that we need, and like, hotrods - er, is that what they're called? - and i think she got some milk.

then we needed to go to the bathroom, and we went all around that little area, but subway was too far, and then we couldn't find one, and we ended up driving home, almost peeing ourselves.

then they got rid of a truck that they rented.  the truck was silver and it was so cool and aawesome.  i'm sad it's gone.

then we had supper - poutine - and it was really good, but i wasn't very hungry so i didn't eat very much.

then we - ashlin, janelle, and marcella, and i - went to the movies to see Brave.  it was in 3D.  it was like so awesome.  it kind of reminded me of mommy, and the scary part was the parts with Mordue in it.

then we went home and went to bed.

thursday, july 19

me &" janelle went to give uncle patrick his lunch, and he came with us to the movies so i could buy some toys at the arcade and i got a set of headphones and 2 sets of headphones for ashlin and got myself 3 bouncy balls.  we went to this place to pay a bill.   then we got home and waited there for a little while, then we got into our bathing suits and went to the splashpad with the rings that you run through, and sam was scared because the water started beside him, even though it didn't spray him.  then ashlin and marcella didn't really want to go in through it, but i kept going through, and i was doing this obstacle course thingy and they wanted to follow me.  marcella went through it a little, then ashlin just went around instead of going through.  she ended up going in, because it was at the end because i wanted her to.  and she was really cold.

marcella, janelle, and sam went to pick up uncle patrick while me & ashlin stayed at the splash pad.  at first we stayed there, but then we got a little bit cold and we dried off and went to the playground and we went on the tire swing.  ashlin said she would vgive me a dollar if she could push me, because i hate going on tire swings, and then she said that she'd push me, and i kind of wanted to then, but then she didn't really want to, she just wanted me to push her.

then janelle and marcella and patrick and sam came and we stayed for a while.  me and janelle went on the swings while ashlin & marcella went on the tire swing while sam and uncle patrick played on the slide.  and then i noticed that janelle was like, going so high that she was like laying down on the highest top, and i was like halfway there.  then me and janelle got off the swings and we all went on the playground, and sam started spinning me on the spinning thing.  then sam got really tired, and he wanted to go home so we all went home, ate, and went to bed.

 we're going to write about today another time :)  laurie is done.



  1. Oh Thank you, thank you my Lolo! It does sound like fun there. I'll try to write soon to tell you what we've been doing

  2. Oh Thank you, thank you my Lolo! It does sound like fun there. I'll try to write soon to tell you what we've been doing

  3. awww ! :) you guys are such a sweet family, miss you !

  4. Dear Laurie:
    I love hearing about your days. We have been working lots and going places on Sundays (so we can drown our loneliness). Papa has made lots of new cheesecake flavours lately. Candied Bacon & Maple, Raspberry Lemonade, Key Lime, Cherry Lime, Dark Chocolate & Cranberry Granola, Dark Chocolate Orange, and today he made Beep cheesecake....we haven't tasted that one yet. So, that has been fun. Maple has been missing you all a lot. She only wants to eat all the time. I think she will be so happy when you get home. Tomorrow we are going to go to Truro to see Ricky because it is his birthday today. Well, I should get back to work and cut some cheesecakes in case it's super busy tonight. xoxoxo Mommy
    PS. Thank Aunt Janelly for me, that I hi-jacked her blog.