Tuesday, July 17, 2012

cousins' visit catch-up

tuesday july 10

nanny left.  left a big hole in our hearts.  it was sad. 

before she left, sam accidentally tried coffee and was all grossed out.

wednesday july 11

it was sweltering and we walked to the mall.  ashlin bought cool candy for her friends, and janelle bought pants for patrick.  not crankypants.  that was sam in the heat. ... and a nasty lady called him that, when it was her fault that he was crying :(.

so we bought him goldfish.  the crackers, not the critter.

thursday july 12

we went to lucas' birthday.  there was a bouncy house, and the boys foolishly thought they could destroy the girls with imaginary guns, but we scared them away by pretending to be zombies.  we sang happy birthday, ate and stuff, and when all the parents were talking we went outside and played grounders.  sam went on the slide and at first he was like woah what is this thing? but at the end he was happy.  t the end we went inside and lucas' mom gave us stuffies.  and sam went outside and let go of his balloon and it went away.

we went to trowbridge to cool down afterward and sam was fearless.  patrick would hold his arms and let his legs flow with the water.

friday july 13

waah!  it was friday the 13th!  but we were so lucky.    but maybe it's because we didn't see any black cats.  oh wait we did.  AUGH!

we went to a barbecue at the hutchinsons.  we had some really yummy hotdogs and burgers.  there was watermelon and it was a huge hit.  and they had cream puffs - oh my goodness (sighs of bliss).

we all went upstairs to sort out the teams for capture the flag.   boys against girls.  the boys picked a dumb jail, it was easy to let the girls out.  we had to leave early so it was a tie.

laurie & sam ate watermelon, and sam was hugging a lot of people.  (but not me - laurie.)

saturday july 14

ashlin, excitedly: I FOUND A BABY BIRD!
marcella, interjecting: i helped with it.
laurie: i didn't.

we went to trowbridge.  the water was gorgeous.  we were just sitting there on a big rock.

ashlin didn't go in the water at all, just took care of the shivering baby bird until it could fly.

laurie and marcella swam like mermaids.

glug glug glug.  THAT WAS A HUGE BUBBLE!  remember that from full house?  cheese.  sneeze.  cheesehead.  remember that from full house?  what are you writing? oh.  ah-ah-ah.  like what?  what are you writing?  that's just so random.  hey i just said the name of a show!

sunday july 15

we woke up - actually we slept in.  til 930.  and we still made it to meeting almost-on-time.

on sunday night uncle patrick surprised us with ice cream.  but he pretended it was ginger beer, and we pretended to be glad about the surprise.  but really we weren't.  until it was ice cream and then we liked it.

we drew the funniest pictures, where you draw the head and then trade papers to draw the bodies. 

monday july 16

it was raining so we stayed home all day.

janelle and patrick went on a date and saw spiderman.  we babysat sam.  and when they came home, sam was asleep and the house was clean and the dishes were done.  and janelle was so happy she got us some gummy bears and we ate them for breakfast the next day.

then uncle patrick carried us up to bed, and our heads were upside down and it was fun.

tuesday july 17

today we stayed home for a while, and played with sam for a while.  marcella saw half a movie, and me & ashlin were drawing and i drew a sketch of piglet. - laurie.

we went to kakabeka falls, and the beach was really disgusting.  the bathroom had no doors, it was open, but there were stalls.  then we got back and walked around in the water a bit. - marcella.

when i was walking around in the water, i looked down to my foot and there was a leech.  i dug into it with my nails and took it off and buried it in the mud so it would die.  i don't like leeches. - ashlin.

the muck was really sticky and disgusting and gross - marcella.

and it was in the bottom of the water!  then sam & i played on the playground and it was fun, but not really. - laurie.

on the way there we got giant slushies in our amazing spirally slushy cups.  and hotrods. - ashlin.

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  1. Amazing, amazing! I love reading about your days. Thanks so much! You are all the best gift in the whole wide world!!! xoxoxoxo