Wednesday, July 18, 2012

the vava girl

our little vava is growing and kicking :). 

this morning she woke me up with the biggest kick yet - it felt like someone dropped a soccer ball on my belly.  my eyes flew open and i looked to see who had done it - and she did it three more times!  it was really fun.  i love this kid.

here i am with a huge hard belly at 28 weeks.  (forgive the goofy shot, patrick was making me laugh and do all sorts of crazy things.  turned out to be the least-horrid of the pics, so it made the blog.)

having the girls here is giving me a little taste of what it's like to have more than one kid.  it's surprising - i tuck sam in at the end of the day and realize i don't know what happened in his life for every single moment.  were there sad things i missed?  happy things?  does he know i love him ridiculously, or does he only remember the times i told him not to throw food? 

it's made me more aware of taking time to really connect with him, and to pay attention.  he's changing so fast.  and i know that's good practice for when vava arrives and my exhausted sleep-deprived brain is trying to catch up with loving them both and remembering which one of them needs to eat and which one needs a clean bum.

hopefully, i can keep those needs separate. ;)


  1. hey darling, great photo. you're hot!

  2. I love the photo! I think it turned out very well! I'm so excited for you - and I bet Sam will love his new baby sister when she arrives :D