Tuesday, July 24, 2012

july 20 - 23

friday, july 20  (camping day!)

marcella: the waves were really really huge.

ashlin: it reminded us of the ocean.  without all the salt.  we were going to camp on caribou island but the waves were rough and it would have been stupid to try to get out there then.

marcella: we went out really deep and were swimming in all the waves and stuff.  we went out to the sandbar for a long time.  then the stiehs came and we went out shallow and dove into the breaking waves.  it was really fun.

ashlin: we had a truckload of sand in our bathing suits though.  we had hotdogs and then a hymnsing around the fire.

marcella: then we all went to bed and everyone was talking.

ashlin: and it was kind of funny because just when it would get quiet, someone would giggle and we would all giggle.

saturday, july 21

ashlin:  on saturday, i was the last one to wake up. we didn't actually go camping on the island because of the rough water, so we had a slumber party in the living room of the brundage's cottage, and we went to the island the next day.

marcella: we had to go in two loads on the boat.  ashlin, caitlin, hannah, and i were in the 1st load, and waited for half an hour for everyone else to come.  we explored the island, and found a ton of blueberry patches and i got bit by an ant.  when they finally came, we went to a different part where it was all rocky, and we jumped off the cliff into the water.  i was one of the first kids to go in.

ashlin: i was one of the second last.   i wasn't scared to jump off the cliff, just nervous of the cold water.  then we found this place to climb up and it was cool.  chris started the fire.  chrissy put her feet in.  oh yeah, then we went to collect a bunch of driftwood, and we came back with three armloads of driftwood.

marcella: we roasted hot dogs over the fire, and we ate chips and stuff, and i found a toad but it jumped away.

ashlin: after a while, a boat full of people - some men and their daughters - came and invaded our territory (marcella, indignantly: not our territory) and jumped off our cliffs (ibid: NOT OUR CLIFFS!) and one of the old dudes went up to a higher cliff - the drop looked like it was 75 feet - and he went off that a bunch of times and after that they left and all was peaceful.

laurie's day: (she didn't go camping) - first we went to a bunch of furniture places to get some chairs but we didn't end up getting any.  then we went to the playground by the splashpad.  it was really fun. then sam went into the splashpad so i went with him, and i got really wet.  and then we put on our bathing suits really quickly and we went to trowbridge and went past the bridge that time. uncle patrick was floating away under the bridge, and sam was crying because he was wondering what uncle patrick was doing.  we played in the water and sam swam to janelle, but only a little bit.
then we went home and on the stairs there was ashlin and marcella waiting for us.

ashlin: i walked down to mac's by myself and got a large coca cola slushie that i ate in half an hour.  and it was really yummy.

laurie: then, me and marcella were upstairs and watched my little pony and then we came down, took some snack and went downstairs.  i wasn't feeling good so i took an advil.  i made myself a little bed, and i fell asleep in the basement and i ended up sleeping there.

sunday july 22

we had waffles for breakfast.

laurie: then we got ready and went to meeting and it was really good.  the red team was still winning on the games - yeah.  i only answered 1 question.  then we went home, we - i don't know.  i forget.

ashlin: i got a million dollars!  it was just for answering a question.  although it was kind of fake, it was still pretty cool.  and in the code, it said JHN316 and 777.

marcella: why are you writing the code, ashlin?

ashlin: john 3:16, get it?  on the back, instead of being like real money, it had a verse going around the edge, and on the front it said Not Real.  sadface.

marcella: we went to trowbridge, and on the way there we stopped at mcdonalds and got drinks/ice cream.  when we got there, we went past the bridge, and we went in the water and it was really cold.

ashlin: not really.

marcella: if you took your feet off the bottom, you would start floating away.  i did it once, but then i got out and helped ashlin get out.  then we went back to our normal spot, and we found this big drop off where janelle couldn't even touch.  and we swam around there for a while but then we had to leave.  but laurie and ashlin wanted to float down the river one more time, and janelle and i were getting out, and she slipped and hit her head.

laurie: she was trying to hold herself up by her elbows but her elbows slipped and that's how she hit her head.  then me and ashlin went down a little too far by accident, and we couldn't stop because it was so slippery.  we finally held onto an edge and climbed up but it was the wrong side so we had to get across.  we went on it, but it went up that time, but it was really hard, and we were kind of mad at each other and yeah.

ashlin: i really liked floating down the river because i knew i could stop.

marcella: i didn't really.

ashlin: but when laurie and i went down for my second time, we went down a little bit too far.

laurie: i said that!

ashlin: i know.  i didn't know how to get back because i didn't know if it was safe and i was trying to keep laurie okay.

laurie, to patrick: you like drawing on people, don't you!

ashlin: so we crawled up onto the opposite bank, and tried to go upstream and float back to the spot we were supposed to be.  it didn't really work.

marcella: laurie!  rub it off your toe so it won't come off on the carpet!

laurie: is that a potato?

patrick: no, this is vava.

monday, july 23

hannah and emma came to spend the day.

ashlin: nobody was awake yet.  i came upstairs in my pjs and we played, then we played in a pickle, and it was fun.

laurie: they were so nice, and we went to mac's, and i didn't have enough, so emma gave me the money and she wouldn't let me pay her back.  (awww!)

marcella: when we got to the pool, we all went in at the same time, and it was really cold at first.  we swam around the shallow end for a little bit, then we went to the deep end, but we had to swim under the rope so we all got wet.  we went over to the other side of the pool, and ashlin got up and went down the water slide, then emma went, then i went.  the water on the slide was really cold, so when we went back in the water it felt really warm.

laurie: then when we came home we were kinda bored and then we um, we um, janelle told us we should pick a song and make a dance to it.  we ended up playing the drawing game, where somebody draws a head secretly and then someone draws the body, then the legs then you undo and see the crazy creature you made.

ashlin: when darlene and elizabeth came to bring the bunk bed they came in a truck, and we played peekaboo with sam in the back of the truck.  then he played with libby, the neighbours' dog, so cute!

and that's that! whew - congrats on reading this ;).  xoxo


  1. Wow, what a great way to tell a vacation story :)

  2. Wow! you guys are not going to want to come home. I've been cleaning, cleaning, cleaning and your rooms look great! MicMac Mall is partnering with Salvation Army and giving gift cards when you donate clothes. I took over some clothes this morning and got $20 in mall gift cards. So, it's yours when you get home to get back-to-school stuff. :) xoxo MISS YOU!!!