Monday, July 9, 2012

days three, four, and five

day three: saturday.

patrick was off, so we had extra fun.

we went to lake superior and went tubing.  the water was choppy.  we had a blast.  janelle fell off the tube, but the rest of us stayed on.  even nanny went tubing.  (ashlin & marcella)

i didn't go on the tube, but i went on the boat instead. (laurie)

chrissy gave us little caesar's pizza.  it was really refreshing to have it after such a long time.  the pizza's good here.  in halifax they don't do it right.  with the new managers.  once there was supposed to be a hawaiian, but it only had 2 pieces of pineapple on it.

then there was ladies' bible study in the evening.

sam was supposed to be asleep, but he was standing in his crib singing to himself "samjam is a nice wee boy."

bananas fight depression.
you should randomly put that in the middle of your blog.  (i already had ;))

day four: sunday

we went to meeting for the first time here, and that guy gave us kit kat bars (lorne).

then we went to the splash pad.  we had a huge watergun fight with the stiehs.  sam fell and got a scratch on his hand and belly and elbow.  poor samjam. 

then we came home because sam was crying.  and shivering.  then we went to meeting and had nachos for supper.  and then went to bed.  zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

day five: monday

today is mommy's birthday.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY!!!!!!!!  WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

we played in the pool with sam.  (marcella and laurie did. -ashlin.)  we had breakfast.  we had lunch after.  what did we have for lunch?  oh yeah, tomato soup.  and we made cheese pretzels.  or cookies.  those things.  was that before or after lunch?  oh yeah, it was before lunch.

she's writing everything you guys say.  oh wow.  she just wrote that.  (heheh.)

and then we started cleaning.

oh my goodness.
i chipped my tooth.  (she really did.)
i wonder if i put this under my pillow if the tooth fairy will come?
she'd probably only leave a penny.

we went to the dollar store and bought a couple things.  when we went out it was pouring rain and we got drenched.  and sam kept hugging me (marcella) so that i couldn't buckle my seatbelt.  (but then she got her seatbelt on -laurie.)

and then we had pork chops and potatoes for supper.

i was carrying sam downstairs and he was crying and then he bit me and now there's a bruise on my cheek.  it looks like a hand.  -marcella (poor mussy!).

ice cream time - gotta run.  xo!


  1. So many feelings reading about your days: mostly joy.
    Tubing would be so much fun. I am jealous.
    Sam really sings to himself? how lovely!
    I often have nachos for supper - lately with tuna and cheese (for protein)
    Writing everything they say...totally something I would do! Love you!!
    Who chipped their tooth? Did you know in Chile they have a tooth mouse, instead of a tooth fairy?
    Mmmmmm...pork chops and potatoes.
    And ice cream?? not fair!!

    1. ashlin chipped her tooth - just a little smidge, she said it was a chip that the dentist had repaired. i can't wait to tell them about the tooth mouse :) (they're watching a movie just now.)
      and tubing WAS fun, so fun, and your girls are so adventurous! :) i love them.
      i was completely amazed by how they devoured the potatoes. i made my biggest pot full (okay, not full, but i think i did 14 potatoes), and they licked the bowl clean. so mashed potatoes are featuring prominently in our menu this month - yum!